By John Bacone

Indiana Parks Alliance has awarded a grant to Clifty Falls State Park to develop a “Trails Confidence Map”. The actual sign is being developed by a private sign company.

This map, when installed, will be a big help for hikers. It will be installed at several trail junctions, so that hikers will know where they are, and where they are going. Currently, many trails crisscross through the park. If a hiker makes a wrong turn, they can find themselves going in the wrong direction, resulting sometimes in hiking many extra miles.

Given the steepness of some of the trails which go down into the canyon, lost time and extra exertion can lead to frustration. 

It is hoped that this “pilot project” will serve as an example that can be used at many other Indiana State Parks, and aid hikers in a similar fashion. This photo of the sign, on the right, shows a “YOU ARE HERE” identifier on the trail.