By Tom Hohman

As McCormick’s Creek State Park recovers from the damage inflicted by a tornado this spring, there will be many needs that state funds cannot easily cover.  That is when a volunteer, non-profit organization, such as Friends of McCormick’s Creek State Park, can help.  Whether it’s coordinating and providing volunteers to help with recovery efforts, buying refreshments for those volunteers, or purchasing some necessary item that has been overlooked and not budgeted, Friends organizations are a tremendous help to any property manager.  That will be particularly true for the unprecedented efforts required for this recovery.

IPA is happy to be able to support the recovery by donating $2,000 to Friends of McCormick’s Creek.  A check was presented to Vicki Basman, president of the Friends group, in June.  IPA is not alone in showing such support, as residents and businesses in the nearby Town of Spencer have also been extremely generous in helping the recovery efforts.