About IPA

Who We Are
The Indiana Parks Alliance (IPA) is a charitable organization that supports Indiana State Parks and state-owned Nature Preserves, the resources they steward and the people they serve.

We consider ourselves an organization of “doers” who advocate for and promote these public lands and the opportunities they provide. That’s why partners like you are so important to us. IPA integrates your objectives into one agenda to create a unified network of action for the natural and cultural resources and facilities in our Indiana State Parks and Indiana Nature Preserves. Our partners include state parks, state-owned nature preserves, the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation, local friends groups, other conservation groups, environmentally conscious businesses and YOU as a member! Click to view/download our IPA Information Flyer

What We Do

  • Promote DNR, state park, state-owned nature preserve and local park friends group initiatives, such as the Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights.
  • Encourage adequate support for maintenance, staffing, invasive species management, historic structure preservation and other needs as appropriate
  • Provide materials that empower members to understand and advocate for state parks and nature preserves


  • Scientific research on species, ecological relationships, best management practices and outdoor recreation trends
  • Biological inventories to assist with appropriate development and management of nature preserves


  • We support and promote the Discover the Outdoors Field Trip Grant program
  • Training and professional development for state parks and nature preserves staff
  • Interpretation through exhibits and interpretive centers


  • Promote ongoing communication between DNR and stakeholders
  • Assist new friends group start-up costs such as non-profit status filing and reduced insurance rates
  • Provide matching grants to local friends groups for state park or state-owned nature preserve projects.
  • Work cooperatively with the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation to fund specific projects.

What You Should Know
We do not raise funds to acquire land; there are other organizations that focus their attention in that area.

We do not raise funds for daily operational costs or routine maintenance for Indiana State Parks or state-owned Nature Preserves. We believe these should continue to be provided through user fees and Indiana’s State Budget process.

We DO work to enhance the experiences of visitors, protect our natural and cultural resources and maintain a Hoosier legacy for generations to come.

Our natural resources are the source of our health and our wealth, of our strength and our independence. They are….essential to you – to every man and woman in America, and to the children who will inherit the land.
– Col. Richard Lieber, Founder of Indiana State Parks