About 4 years ago water damage was discovered in the historic Bronnenberg home at Mounds State Park, stemming from what was suspected to be a roof leak. Park staff started the investigation process and determined that it wasn’t the roof that needed repaired/replaced. It was 3 out of the 4 chimneys. Since this is a historic home the Division of Historic Preservation and Archeology had to be called before making the needed repairs. 

Once everyone was in agreement with how to proceed, the work began.  It was soon determined that the bricks on the chimneys were not original to the house. However the company making the repairs used brick that very closely resembled the brick on the rest of the house. The chimneys were rebuilt, the flashing replaced, and the damaged wall areas repainted. 

Good news is that it appears this was the cause of the water leaks. The problems have not returned.