Save Our Ash Trees

The Indiana Parks Alliance is working with Indiana State Parks and Nature Preserves to protect 200+ mature, seed producing ash trees across the state to save this native species for the future.

The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive insect that has killed tens of millions of ash trees since it first came to the U.S. in 2002. As of March 2017, EAB has been documented in all 92 counties in Indiana. Within the next ten years, 95% of all ash trees in Indiana will have been lost!

Ash trees compose 15-20% of our Indiana forests, and they have both environmental and economic benefits.

IPA’s signature program, Save Our Ash Trees, treated 116 ash trees in 2018. 108 more have been selected for treatment in 2019. Our objective is to save strategic populations of ash trees and help reestablish ash tree populations when the killing wave of emerald ash borer passes.

In partnership with the Davey Resource Group and the Indiana DNR, we’re treating trees at:

  • Calvert and Porter Nature Preserve (NP)
  • Fortune Woods and Hall Woods Nature Preserves
  • Hardy Lake
  • Harmonie State Park, including Harmonie Hills NP and Wabash Border NP
  • McCormick’s Creek State Park, including Wolf Cave Nature Preserve
  • Mounds State Park and Shades State Park, including Pine Hills Nature Preserve
  • Shrader-Weaver Nature Preserve
  • Turkey Run State Park

In addition, gifts to Save Our Ash Trees have allowed IPA to donate equipment and emamectin benzoate for the Division of Nature Preserves to treat trees at:

  • Coal Hollow Nature Preserve
  • Hardin Ridge Nature Preserve
  • Nine Penny Nature Preserve
  • Patoka Lake
  • O’Bannon Woods State Park
  • Russel Bend Nature Preserve
  • Spring Creek Nature Preserve

We’re saving majestic ash trees in Indiana state parks and nature preserves, thanks to generous donations from individuals, families and organizations and funding from the Dr. Laura Hare Charitable Trust. Partners: Davey Resource Group Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources.

Will you join the campaign to save our ash trees? Every contribution helps! IPA treats ash trees with emamectin benzoate, which is safe for pollinators.

Select a donation amount below and help Save Our Ash Trees for tomorrow!

$200 (saves an entire ash tree)
$100 (saves ½ of an ash tree)
$50 (saves ¼ of an ash tree)
Other amounts help too!
*Donors will receive a 1-year membership in Indiana Parks Alliance.

Please add the donation is for the Save Our Ash Tree program in the Comment Box on the PayPal form.

What is an Emerald Ash Borer?  How does it kill an ash tree?  Why should we care?  How can I help?
Watch this short, 5-minute, video produced by Indiana Parks Alliance to answer those important questions.