We are a charitable organization that supports and advocates for Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) State Parks and Nature Preserves and the people they serve through education, promotion, fundraising and assistance for local friends groups.
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This is an organization that provides a recognized, distinguished voice for the preservation of natural and cultural resources, supports the needs of Indiana DNR State Parks and Nature Preserves and works in close partnership with DNR staff, local friends groups and the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation.

The Alliance for Indiana State Parks and Nature Preserves will accomplish the following for Indiana DNR State Parks and Nature Preserves:

  • Advocate for the missions, goals and objectives of these Divisions and of DNR.
  • Support and promote significant initiatives, research and projects.
  • Enhance fund raising efforts of the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation.
  • Support training and development for Indiana DNR employees and for local friends groups.
  • Provide grants and support to assist local DNR friends groups in achieving their missions.
  • Promote ongoing communication between DNR and stakeholders.

What You Should Know
We do not raise funds to acquire land; there are other organizations that focus their attention in that area.

We do not raise funds for daily operational costs or routine maintenance for Indiana State Parks or state-owned Nature Preserves. We believe these should continue to be provided through user fees and Indiana’s State Budget process.

We DO work to enhance the experiences of visitors, protect our natural and cultural resources and maintain a Hoosier legacy for generations to come.

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Throughout the state there are many local “friends” groups that support one or more state parks or nature preserves in that community.  If you have an interest in one particular park or nature preserve that has a friends group, we encourage you to also support that group.  A listing of the state park friends groups, and their contact information, can be found on the Division of State Parks web site on the Friends Group page.

Our natural resources are the source of our health and our wealth, of our strength and our independence. They are….essential to you – to every man and woman in America, and to the children who will inherit the land.
– Col. Richard Lieber, Founder of Indiana State Parks